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NSW Street Smarthandbook

NSW Street Smarthandbook

As part of our community support program we again supported the NSW Steet Smarthandbook

Neigbourhood Watch Australasia is the representative organisation that leads, facilitates and supports the Neighbourhood Watch (Australia) and Neighbourhood Support (New Zealand) goal of creating safer, connected and inclusive communities. We do this by formulating strategies and policies that encourage community participation in building safe and confident communities to reduce the fear of crime and increase feelings of safety in the community.

Neighbourhood Watch Australasia in conjunction with Countrywide Austral Pty Ltd officially supports the Streetsmart handbook.

The publication is produced for teenagers entering adulthood, providing them vital information regarding bullying, substance abuse, employment, travelling, emotional health and more. The book is delivered to all year 11 students with a minimum of 60,000 copies distributed in New South Wales each year.