Tag: decision-making

  • How To Learn When to Say “No!”

    Let’s face it! Many people just seem to have great difficulty in saying “no” or denying any favor asked of them. As a result, they often find themselves trapped in the middle of nowhere because of their own hastened decision or acceptance of an unfavorable task – just because at one particular point in their […]

  • Developing Leadership Skills

    The first area that we look at is that of Personal Attributes. This is a blend of knowledge, expertise, and competencies, encapsulated in the approach, the behaviour, of the leader. In organisations of all sizes and in all sectors, public and private, these characteristics are key to effective leadership. The essential personal attributes are as […]

  • Empowered Leadership

    It seems that every decade or so there is some new fad that runs through the business world in terms of supervision and in the world of diversity management, downsizing, outsourcing, generational work conflicts, and the information age, things are even more complicated than ever before. No longer does a one size fits all leadership […]