DLP Agreement

Strataconnect Decisive Leadership Program (DLP) agreement

Here’s what we want our relationship with you to be based upon. There are many things you can expect from us, and what we can expect from you. Please read, understand each point, then sign and submit.

We will:

  1. Provide access to the “Decisive Leadership Program” (DLP) for the next 12 months to educate and assist your decision making and leadership skills growth
  2. Hold you accountable to a higher standard, to help you to achieve your best results.
  3. Hold you accountable to the tasks you commit to, as part of the bigger picture of growth that you choose.
  4. Educate and assist you in developing strategies to help you improve your decision making and communication skills to improve yourself as a leader.
  5. Provide tools, structures and independent review of your decisions processes and frameworks
  6. Critically assess your decision processes, challenge every decision for rigorous assessment of data, against strategy and ethics as you describe them.
  7. Coach and train you 1:1 according to your subscription via in-person and/or electronic means as appropriate
  8. Maintain confidentiality, as we understand that leaders often deal with sensitive situations and information
  9. Listen to you. We will respond to your questions within the time specified in your subscription
  10. Advise of research, reports, articles etc. in the areas of leadership, decision making, communications and associated skills areas
  11. Treat you with respect and care in every interaction and work to bring the best out of you.
  12. Never let you off, because, if we let you off, we let you down.

You will:

  1. Turn up for every session, unless there are extenuating circumstances. If you cannot make a scheduled meeting, advising prior to the start time so we can reschedule.
  2. Record and report activity taken, share results weekly or as requested.
  3. Maintain confidentiality
  4. Implement your committed actions to the best of your ability and ask for help, support or advice if and when it’s needed
  5. Always be in communication should you have any questions, issues, concerns or if you need help.
  6. Be a reference point for other prospective clients – but only if you are 100% happy with the program.

By selecting your package below and completing the first subscription payment, you commit to this agreement.

PackageMentoringCoachingElite Coaching
Access to online resourcesYesYesYes
Access to elite-only resourcesNoNoYes
Weekly group “open door”YesYesYes
Private Facebook groupYesYesYes
Monthly 1:1 coaching122+
Email / Instant Messaging Response1 business day6 hour / same day4 hour / same day
Tailored programNoYesYes
“Daily Download” callNoNoYes

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