Leadership Coaching

Unleash your potential with a unique approach to effective leadership so you can make powerful decisions, engage with stakeholders & communicate more effectively.

❓ Are you struggling to break out of a current role into management and leadership?
❓ Can you confidently make transparent, rigorous decisions? 
❓ Do you find it difficult to communicate & engage with stakeholders?

Decisions today involve more people, data & options.  A crisis “at every turn”, 31% of organisations’ biggest gaps is decision-making (Deloitte, 2015).  Companies with strong decision making & communications have better planning & both 30-50% better in a crisis (Burson-Marsteller et al 2011) & recover faster.  How well does your organisation respond in a crisis?

Decisions are unique to each person.  We help you develop your own individual processes & frameworks to achieve high quality strategic decisions; improving transparency, reducing risk and increasing engagement with all stakeholders.

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Small Business Coaching

As a small business ourselves, we are uniquely in the position of understanding the delicate balance between working on the business and working in the business.

As part of the Decisive Leadership program, we can assist you with understanding the management of your business – whether you are a team of one, or one hundred.

Not every small business owner is accountant, bookkeeper, operations manager, people manager, technology expert, marketer, or project manager. We can help identify and fill the gaps so you can focus on your objectives.


With a strong background in Information Technology, we often utilise technology solutions to assist our customers. We can assist with:

  • web technology systems
  • broadband solutions
  • hardware/software assessment
  • triple/multiplay systems
  • systems design and documentation
  • mobile app development
  • training and education
  • general IT support

Project Management

After a decision is made, often a project is required to implement it. We can assist with many areas of project management and administration including:

  • budgeting
  • engaging / managing experts
  • planning
  • programming
  • preparing tenders
  • assessing tender responses
  • stakeholder engagement