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——-TL;DR: Leadership is about helping others and guiding a team to do their best. Good leaders bring important things like clear ideas, good communication, and the ability to solve problems. Anyone can become a better leader by listening to others, setting a good example, and always trying to learn and improve.
Have you ever watched a group of kids playing and noticed how one of them seems to take charge? That’s a bit like leadership in the grown-up world. Leadership is about guiding others and helping a team work together to achieve goals, but what makes a good leader? What do they bring to the table? Let’s explore this important topic and learn some tips that can help anyone become a better leader.

What is leadership?
Leadership is like being the captain of a sports team. You’re not just playing the game; you’re helping everyone else play their best too. A leader is someone who:

-Shows the way forward
-Helps others do their best work
-Makes decisions that are good for the whole team
-Listens to others and values their ideas
-Takes responsibility when things go wrong

Why is leadership important?

Good leadership can make the difference between success and failure. It’s like having a good teacher at school – they help you learn better and enjoy your classes more. In the same way, good leaders help their teams work better and enjoy what they’re doing.

What do good leaders bring to the table?

Vision: Leaders have a clear picture of where they want to go. It’s like planning a big adventure – you need to know where you’re heading!
Communication: Leaders are good at explaining things clearly. They make sure everyone understands what needs to be done.
Inspiration: Leaders motivate others to do their best. They’re like cheerleaders for their team.
Problem-solving: When things go wrong, leaders find ways to fix them. They’re good at coming up with solutions.
Empathy: Leaders understand how others feel. They care about their team members and want to help them.
Courage: Leaders are brave. They’re not afraid to try new things or make tough decisions.
Integrity: Leaders are honest and do what they say they’ll do. People can trust them.
Adaptability: Leaders can change their plans when they need to. They’re flexible, like a rubber band.
Teamwork: Leaders know how to work well with others. They bring people together and help them cooperate.
Continuous learning: Leaders are always trying to learn new things. They know there’s always room to grow and improve.

Tips for becoming a better leader

As a leadership coach, I’ve helped many people improve their leadership skills. Here are some tips that can help you too:

Listen more than you talk: Good leaders pay attention to what others say. Try to understand their ideas and feelings.
Lead by example: If you want your team to work hard, you should work hard too. Show them how it’s done!
Be positive: Even when things are tough, try to stay hopeful. Your attitude can affect your whole team.
Celebrate successes: When your team does well, make sure to recognise their efforts. A simple “good job” can go a long way.
Learn from mistakes: Everyone makes mistakes. What’s important is that you learn from them and try to do better next time.
Be open to feedback: Ask others how you can improve. Sometimes it’s hard to hear criticism, but it can help you become a better leader.
Take care of yourself: Being a leader can be tiring. Make sure to rest and do things you enjoy. You can’t help others if you’re worn out!
Keep learning: Read books, attend workshops, or talk to other leaders. There’s always more to learn about leadership.
Be patient: Becoming a good leader takes time. Don’t get discouraged if you’re not perfect right away.
Trust your team: Give your team members chances to show what they can do. Trust them to handle important tasks.

Leadership in action

Let’s look at some examples of how these leadership skills can be used:

At school: If you’re the captain of a sports team, you can use your leadership skills to help your teammates improve and work together better.
In a group project: You can take the lead by helping to organise the work, making sure everyone has a job to do, and encouraging your group members.
In your community: You might organise a cleanup day for your neighbourhood, showing leadership by planning the event and inspiring others to join in.
At home: You can show leadership by helping to organise family activities or taking responsibility for household chores.

Remember, leadership isn’t just for grown-ups or people in charge of big companies. Anyone can be a leader in their own way, no matter how old they are or what they do.

Challenges of leadership

Being a leader isn’t always easy. Sometimes you might face challenges like:

Making tough decisions
Dealing with conflicts between team members
Handling disappointment when things don’t go as planned
Balancing different people’s needs and wants
Feeling responsible for the team’s successes and failures

But don’t worry! These challenges are normal, and they help you grow as a leader. Every time you face a difficult situation, you learn something new that makes you a better leader.


Leadership is about more than just being in charge. It’s about bringing out the best in yourself and others. Good leaders bring many important qualities to the table, like vision, communication skills, and the ability to inspire others.

Remember, leadership is a skill that can be learned and improved. By following the tips we’ve discussed and practising your leadership skills, you can become a better leader in all areas of your life.

So, what will you bring to the table as a leader? Will you be a good listener? A problem solver? Someone who inspires others? The choice is yours! Start practising your leadership skills today, and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

I’ve seen many people transform into great leaders by applying these principles. With patience, practice, and a willingness to learn, you too can develop strong leadership skills that will serve you well throughout your life. So go ahead, take that first step towards becoming a better leader today!