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As a leader, you have the power to make decisions that affect your company and its employees. However, like any decision-making process, there are some mistakes that only great leaders make. Here are five of these mistakes and how you can avoid making them yourself.

1: Open Your Mind To New Ideas

Leaders who consistently make a habit of not opening their mind to new ideas often do so because they are afraid of change. They are also likely to be more stubborn in their beliefs and approach decisions, making it difficult for them to learn from their mistakes. Additionally, these leaders may be less open to feedback and criticism because they believe that it will make them look foolish or incompetent. Ultimately, this can lead to stagnation in an organization and prevent the leader from advancing.

2: Recognise The Need For Change

When leaders make a mistake, they need to recognise that there is a need for change and take action to address it. There are five common reasons why leaders do not recognise the need for change: 

-The mistake was not seen as serious 

-There was not enough time to assess the situation 

-There was not enough support from others in the organization 

-The leader did not feel comfortable making changes

3: Be aware of constraints

When leaders take too long to make decisions, it can cause problems. First, it can delay the execution of an important task. Second, it can lead to uncertainty and chaos because people may start to question the leader’s decision-making process. Finally, taking too long to make a decision can also create resentment among subordinates.

There are several reasons why leaders might take too long to make a decision. Sometimes they may be deliberating over the best option for all possible scenarios. Other times they may be weighing multiple options and trying to find the most optimal solution. In any case, taking too long can ultimately lead to confusion and frustration on the part of those affected by the delay.

It is important for leaders to be decisive and efficient in making decisions. Delaying a decision can lead to negative consequences both within an individual organization and across sectors or industries. By being deliberate and quick-witted when making decisions, leaders will ensure that their teams are able to execute their tasks efficiently and without issue.

4: Avoid judging other’s actions and choices

Too often, leaders make mistakes. They can be criticized for making errors in judgment. But what are some reasons that good leaders do not make the same mistakes as others? The answer is that they learn from their mistakes. Good leaders take the time to analyze why they made a mistake and how they can avoid making the same mistake again. This type of analysis allows them to improve their decision-making skills and to become better leaders overall.

5: Listen To Others’ Advice

There are many reasons why leaders may not listen to others when it comes to making decisions. Sometimes they may feel that they have the best idea, or that their opinion is the most important one. Additionally, some leaders may feel that they are infallible, and that no one can provide better advice than they can.

Regardless of the reason why a leader does not listen to others, it can lead to problems. By not listening, leaders can miss out on valuable insights and feedback. This can lead to mistakes being made in future projects or decisions, and ultimately could result in a loss of credibility or support within the team. It is therefore important for leaders to consider what others have to say, and weigh it against their own judgment before making a decision.


These are just a few of the most common leadership mistakes that great leaders make. By avoiding these common pitfalls, you will be able to lead your team with confidence and achieve greater success as a result.